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Commitment to Diversity

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"VOLO believes diversity, intelligence, and integrity of people are critical to an company's success. In our increasing interconnected world, it is only appropriate that we embrace everyone's uniqueness."
- Everett Bracken, Chairman & CEO

At VOLO, diversity means all the ways we differ. It includes visible differences such as age, gender, ethnicity, and physical appearance, as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and education.

Inclusion means creating a working culture where differences are valued; where everyone has the opportunity to develop skills and talents consistent with our values and business objectives. The aim is to make VOLO an organization where people feel involved, respected and connected - where the richness of ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are leveraged to create business value.

VOLO uses the metaphor of an iceberg to represent visually our definition of Diversity. The visible portion represents differences such as race, gender, and other physically apparent differences. The portion of the iceberg that lies below the waterline is representative of those differences that are not outwardly apparent and represent a broad mosaic that makes up who we are as individuals.

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