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VOLO's core business is retained recruiting. However, the company also provides Outplacement Services to employees that are downsized or discretely considering a career change.

Landing a mid six figure to seven figure salary is not easy. To win, it takes (A) strategy and (B) execution.  VOLO will highlight the strategic plan. But YOU own execution. 

If (A) you are a little apprehensive about writing your resume for whatever reason or (B) your time is more valuable, then having it professionally written may be a solution. Or perhaps you need that extra guidance on how to beat the other competing candidates, a career coach may be able to assist you.  All of our job search coaches have Fortune 500 backgrounds.

Disclaimer: If VOLO's management team & recruiters are engaged on recruiting assignments, the company will decline the Outplacement assignment and direct you to another Outplacement provider.

Contact our Chairman and CEO if you want to schedule a conference call with one of our job search coaches.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Office: +001 (859) 523-3071

Investment Guideline

Many variables impact your investment (i.e., expertise required, complexity & time anticipated). Investments start at $2,000 USD and range up to $50,100 USD. 


Read our testimonials from our clients. Many of these job seekers were earning between $105,000 to $1.2MM USD. And they landed opportunities quickly.


John Valenza (ExxonMobil & Schlumberger):
“I met Everett when he contacted me regarding a position he was staffing for a major chemical company in the northeast. Even though it was quickly apparent that I wouldn't interview for that particular position, I still consult with Everett on matters related to my career. In fact, since our initial interaction, Everett and I haven't conducted any business that a third party would consider productive to Everett. This fact lends support to the strong comments outlined below:

Everett is a uniquely skilled staffing professional. In particular, Everett is keenly focused on identifying the very best candidates for his clients. In our initial interaction it was my impression that Everett genuinely cares about both building his network of individual professional contacts as well as ensuring his clients are completely satisfied with the personnel he identifies. I believe Everett's success is in large part due to this strong foundation of professional contacts.

Since our initial interaction I've spent considerable time speaking with Everett regarding career management. My experience has been that Everett provides high level advice on matters that span the spectrum of career management. In particular, he is highly skilled in marketing individual professionals, understanding the intricacies of hiring decisions, providing insight on professional management, and optimizing business negotiations.

I have leveraged Everett's advice on many matters regarding management of my career. In particular, I follow his guidance on marketing myself. In addition, I consider Everett's advice a necessity for more complicated matters like interpreting overtures from potential employers. In short, Everett is an excellent consultant for all matters regarding career management."

Troy Burke (Tarkett Residential):
“Everett is a results oriented career coach and advisor. He provided excellent direction and was instrumental in helping me to organize and prepare for the job search. He provided many successful tools and ideas on how to be proactive in my approach. (i.e. Do you know how to use the Advanced Search option in LinkedIn to open up a whole new network of power players?) Everett was very patient and determined during a process which can be very frustrating for the client. He will help you to stay focused on the objective......to land the job you really desire. I would strongly recommend Everett Bracken as a job search coach and recruiter.

Morten Lillenlund (Amazon.com & Lexmark International):
"After 15 years with the same company, it is fair to say that building a strong resume and 'selling myself' was not something I had experience with. After Everett and the team at Career Partners got involved and explained to me in clear terms what the differentiators in the job market are, I got access to the right job opportunities. I used Career Partners' service all the way from building the resume, thru contacting relevant Companies, and very importantly, How you show up prepared to that first interview with a powerful message every time. That make a difference for me and I landed my dream job because of their service and advise!"

Kenneth R. Cox (Bel Brands USA):
"To have my position eliminated in the harsh economic throws of December 2008 was definitely an unwelcome event to say the least. I knew Everett had a well established recruiting/outplacement business and he was one of my first calls shortly after I received the news. I was amazed at the time and energy Everett put into coaching me on that first call and his enthusiasm never waned in the short 3.5 months it took for me to find a great new company and position. I consider myself a power user of LinkedIn as well as fairly seasoned in the interview process but I found myself taking copious notes as Everett spent a good part of several nights and weekends helping me to define my experiences and qualifications, get my resume updated not only for content but for maximum visual punch, develop a selling story (capabilities presentation for myself) as well as providing many other very unique strategies and tactics for getting companies to listen and take an interest in you. What I think is the most important service Everett and Career Partners USA provided was to get me out of my comfort zone of how I thought companies found talent and made me relevant in today's economy. I owe Everett and Career Partners USA a sincere debt of gratitude! "

James Jett (The Hershey Company):
"My position as a National Account Manager was eliminated February 2009 due to the economic downturn. I was in a position I'd never been before and wasn't sure exactly where to start. I met with Everett and he laid out a detailed 3-step plan of what I needed to do to set me apart from the competition and ultimately land my dream job. After our first meeting I was re-energized by Everett's positive outlook and knowledge. Through each phase of the process Everett was always there offering advice, encouragement and coaching. In only 8 weeks I landed my dream job with a Fortune 500 company! Everett's unique approach, knowledge and attitude are exactly what I needed to get me where I am today. I sincerely appreciate everything he did for me from the first day to the last day of this process."

Mark Dildilian (Avery Dennison):
"I have known Everett at Career Partners USA for several years and he is the consummate professional. Everett has a unique ability to understand the needs of his client's, provide direction, guidance and most important is his conviction in meeting his personal level of commitment. Everett was most helpful to me in terms of preparing for key interviews and developing my personal marketing plan. I feel fortunate to know Everett and even more fortunate to have learned key principles of marketing myself, which is an invaluable asset in today's business climate. Knowing Everett and his approach and methodology is a "value-add" too great to measure."

Mike Terry (Circuit City Stores, Inc.):

"My only regret with Everett is that I didn't meet him sooner! The help and support that he has offered me has been invaluable to say the least. Everett is clearly an expert in his field and has taken a very proffesional and thorough approach to ensuring that I get what I need out of our interactions. He has managed to make a time that has been stressful and difficult in my life less so. Thanks Everett!"