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Why hire VOLO?


  • Recruits highly-qualified Director & Above WOMEN Worldwide (yes - we recruit men) that have 'exceeds' and 'significantly exceeds' performance ratings. These people are often rated in the Top 100 of a corporation.
  • Will exceed your company's expectations in recruiting women and diversity talent.
  • Is an easy sell to your Board and Executive Leadership Team (1. experience in your industry & recruiting for your competitors, 2. extensive client list globally, and 3. proven results recruiting diverse talent pools & throughout the Emerging Markets).
  • Has a top secret, proprietary, competitive intelligence / counterintelligence database (40+ million people) that even the CIA would find interesting. 
  • Has more intimate and confidential knowledge of the talent your company or university would like to source from. Note: If your team is primarily using social networks and job boards, you're missing 40% of the target audience that's not on social sites. High potential, engaged employees are not on social sites because they are too busy working 80-120 hours per week.
  • Works on your company's recruiting assignment 24 hours a day and 7 days per week (project teams will work shifts - long shifts fueled by caffeine & each person will average 100-120 hours/week until it's done).
  • Will qualify for your company's Supplier Diversity program. VOLO is a 100% service-disabled, veteran-owned and minority-owned company.

In summary, hire VOLO once your company is ready to recruit highly-qualified Director & Above WOMEN Worldwide.

Office: +001 (859) 523-3071

Global Boutique vs. Publicly-Traded Recruiting Firms

It's a David versus Goliath storyline. They are "bigger" and use old search methods. We have access to current organization charts and inter-company data for all of our clients' targeted organizations (cannot tell you how we get it; but we do have it).

Our proprietary database allows us to identify passive, hi-potentials quickly that are not on social networks (e.g., Facebook, Linkedin & Google+) and definitely not on any job board databases (e.g., Monster, TheLadders & CareerBuilder).

Once our client identifies the perfect candidate profile, we start communication to their target audience within hours. We'll track them down no matter where they are located or traveling in the world. Within days, we know if they are interested in a new career.

Since VOLO has a selective customer base, we can recruit talent away from all corporations worldwide. Note: publicly traded recruiting firms with lots of clients are restricted on who they can recruit from. Thus, being a "bigger" recruiting firm is often not a "better" solution on winning the war on talent.