Thank You From Everett Bracken


Long-term Clients

We truly appreciate your business and enjoy working for you. You gave us an opportunity to prove we can exceed your global recruitment needs for women (and men). You continue to trust us to deliver exceptional talent worldwide. We are truly blessed by your business and friendships.

Future Clients

Let us share our value proposition. Within 60 seconds, we can highlight our clients and why they continue to hire us for years. 

World-class Talent Network

We truly appreciate you sharing your fantastic, personal performance ratings. Our clients know that people are their most valuable asset. And you are the best candidate in the marketplace - extremely humble, great performance & co-workers love you.

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Work Family

Extended work family. Our success is the direct result of our excellent customer service and execution. As we expand,  we will continue recruiting the best talent in the marketplace. The hiring formula is only talent with excellent integrity, off the charts intelligence, and amazing work ethic. 

Special thank you to my wife for allowing me launch this company and travel extensively worldwide. To my children for interning with us and working half days (inside joke for 12 hours).  

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